Spring Awakening

A FREE short movement and breath class for the beginning of Spring.

This FREE CLASS is an invitation to explore the newness of Spring with care and consideration. Play with actions that move you forward and out into opportunities for growth, ground yourself in moments of stillness and reflection, and self sooth anxious or inflammatory feelings through breath and sound.

Learn accessible tools and techniques to connect your mind, body and breath in ways that cultivate creativity within your day to day.  

Dive deeper into your inner life and explore your relationship to the world around you through practices of slow exploratory movement, Katonah Yoga® based classes, curated breath practices,  and creative play.

This is a practice in living within the present reality, which means accepting our bodies as they are and allowing ourselves the support we need to grow.

What is asked of you?  The willingness to show up, to be respectful in communication with yourself and others, and to engage your senses.  

Customized Practices

Let's Work Together

Nothing compares to personal touch.  Working privately and in person gives opportunity for deeper understanding and integration.  Hands on adjustments guide you to places you did not know you could go.  

If you are not ready to practice in person, or find yourself too far away to schedule an in person session – 1:1 Virtual Sessions are the next best thing.  You will receive the same level of listening and support delivered to wherever you are.

Are you a movement teacher looking for guidance and inspiration?  Let’s chat.  We can customize a mentorship program to fit your needs.

You can book me for your private event, be it a group retreat, bridal party, group trip or wellness weekend. 

Rebecca Jo has been one of the most influential teachers I've learned from. No bullshit, no popularity contest, she teaches and shows up authentically. She includes every body type and shape in her teachings, creating an inclusive environment for all. After each time I take one of Rebecca's offerings I come home to myself feeling alive and more aware. She is a living example of embodying the yoga practice.
Mary Rath
Yoga Teacher

Open Events


Spring Classes

Slow flowing hatha yoga classes are infused with supportive breath exercises, joint mobility/stability work and somatics experiencing.  All classes are drop in with option to join the live class or view the recording for 72 hours.  

*** This week’s Sunday afternoon class will be live at 2 pm ET with the recording available after class as usual***  


Hey, New York...

I’m back in the studio!  If you’re in the city, you can now join me for live in person studio classes.  Sign up in advance through the studio link or just drop in.




Feedback + Support

develop a relationship with props


Gain confidence in skillfully incorporating props into your teaching and/or personal practice.  Develop the language to explain prop usage and benefits.  Learn adaptable techniques on how to use props successfully.  

Utilize props to add boundaries, explore challenge from a supportive space, develop your understanding of relationship and access immediate feedback within your practice.  

create the space. set the time.

show up as you are.
where you are. whenever you're ready.

get to know yourself with every exhale.

Personal Space

on demand classes + workshops

a few last words on community support...

My mission within these pages is to give away the best that I have to offer through live classes and workshops, on demand access, affordable, sliding scale and free options.

By giving viewers the option to pay when they can and watch for free when they need, I hope to encourage honesty and accountability as well as widen the giving circle.  

Through your monetary contributions, you are able to be a part of the effort of offering accessible services to anyone in need of financial support.  

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Spring Awakening

A short 25 minute practice full of playful movement and breath practices to guide you in exploring all of the fresh sensations that come along with a new season of outward growth. This class offers variations for floor and chair work for more accessibility.

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Feedback + Support

develop a relationship with props

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