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What is Personal Space?

A dynamic and growing collection of videos including Katonah Yoga® inspired classes, somatic experiencing, opportunities for expressive movement, mobility/stability play, restorative practices and breath exploration. 

While every single class cannot be for everyone, I do my best to make these videos adaptable by offering a variety of challenge and support.  It is my intention to create a space that frees you up to come home to yourself.  

And WHO is Personal Space for? Anyone that can’t make it to the studio or simply doesn’t want to go. 

If you are looking for an approachable and convenient, but still meaningful, experience… Personal Space is for you.

Within this membership site you will find videos ranging from 10 – 90 min in length, a community forum to ask questions, offer your feedback and share what inspires you, as well as a list of resources for further study.

Personal Space is not a goal oriented self help center. There is no agenda other than showing up, getting to know yourself a little better, accepting what you find and discovering new ways of moving through the world.

A Note on the Catalog + Organization of the Material

The contents of this video catalog are divided into 5 seasons as a way to organize the material, as well as offer a conceptual context for the work. While each video was recorded during the season it is listed under, the categories are not prescriptive in nature – meaning you don’t need to only take classes listed under “Summer” during the actual season of Summer. 

Each season of the year represents an archetype, a phase in a full creative cycle, and carries its own elemental correlation, organ system and energetic blueprint. The classes within each category were created with the intention of helping you to balance those energies with in yourself as well as find harmony within your environment.

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