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Introduce yourself and let me how you would like to work together. Not quite sure? That's fine, too.  Just say hello and we'll take it from there.  

I highly recommend working with Rebecca Jo in any capacity (1-on-1, group, workshop, etc.). She approaches her work with intent, meaning, and purpose. The breadth and depth of her knowledge in various movement and breath work modalities are impressive. She is very knowledgeable about body mechanics, encourages working within your own physical structure and meeting your body where it is. During each class/session, Rebecca also encourages & creates space for fun, play, and exploration on the mat. She provides very immersive remote yoga/personal growth experiences. It has been fantastic working with her these last couple of years! I have thoroughly enjoyed AND learned a lot from her various workshops, themed class series, and private classes/retreats. Rebecca is a highly skilled and talented teacher. She’s absolutely fantastic. 10/10 recommend.
Beth B

Human Contact:

If you are in NYC you can schedule a 1:1, couples or small group in home private session.  Working this way allows you a full bespoke experience – a personal practice customized to your needs.  We will work together to help you establish and accept where you currently find yourself in life, so. that we can determine the appropriate direction to move you toward.    

Virtual Connection:

Schedule some 1:1 time wherever you are by booking a virtual session.  Customize your own virtual retreat weekend.  Gather a group of friends from across the globe in a Zoom room for a private yoga or breath class.  Gift a loved one that can’t leave their own personal practice. 

Teaching Mentorship:

Gain confidence in planning your classes, communicating with your students, reading a room and adapting to any student with a private teaching mentorship.  We can work together to create a program that suits your individual needs and supports you in your development as a teacher.

Private Events:

Interested in booking me for a private retreat, event or group workshop?  Send me a message!  In the past I have come along on individual and group vacations, led classes for bridal and bachelor parties, taught at conferences and led workshops at studios around the globe.

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